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WE DID IT!!! We matched our $5,000 grant from the Incarnate Word Foundation with contributions from individuals like YOU.

Thanks to our salsa party fundraiser and several contributions that came in “offline” we officially surpassed the $5,000 mark today, December 20, 2012! Since we can’t reflect these offline donations on, it still appears as though we have $3,000 to fundraise if you click the links below. We would love to keep going and surpass our goal, so we are keeping the site up! Click below to donate $40 in honor of our fourth year in St. Louis Schools!

Dancing Classrooms is made possible through the generosity of many individuals; we invite you to join us by making a contribution to our efforts to provide this internationally known and respected social development program.

During the 2009-2010 school year, support from individuals such as yourself helped us provide the program to nearly 50,000 children in 523 schools in 19 US and international cities. Last year in St. Louis, we provided the residencies to 22classrooms of students in three different school districts. Eventually, we want to reach every fifth grade classroom in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area!